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Be-Mocktails. 0.0% alcohol 100% SHINE!

You can regularly be found in a wellness resort, spa or beauty salon. You like to pamper yourself occasionally with beautiful things and you love a party. You pay attention to your health and nutrition. And you like it if people appreciate the choices you make in this, but why would you always explain why you don’t drink alcohol?

With Be-Mocktails you don’t have to. Be-Mocktails are drinks that you drink as wine, they are chic like cocktails or champagne and delicious in taste. They are completely natural, good for your health, vegan and halal.


Be is an alcohol-free cocktail of coconut water with fruit juices. A well-balanced mix that, apart from good taste, is also good for your health. A drink that makes you feel good. What makes you look even better!

Our story

Be Mocktails was developed by Conchita Daniël. She realized that there is actually no good alcohol-free alternative for wine or cocktail. For those who know their health is important and loves luxury and glamour, there is actually only water or fruit juice to drink. Both not very festive. So, she decided to develop a drink herself. One that everyone can enjoy in style. A mocktail, a drink that you can drink as wine, is chic as champagne and that is good for your body. Because of the many journeys she made and all the flavors she discovered, she chose coconut water as a basis. She added 100% natural fruit juices from superfoods which, in addition to a refined taste, also provide additional health benefits to Be. This way you can work on your health and beauty while enjoying a luxurious lifestyle.


There must be a drink for anyone who consciously does not drink alcohol and takes good care of his / her body, but at the same time also wants to toast and enjoy classy.


Be-Mocktails wants to be there for everyone. And show that you can also enjoy luxury without alcohol. Because of Be-Mocktails, healthy food can certainly be hip and classy. Be-Mocktails wants special moments to be shared with as many people as possible and therefore also takes into account all cultures, so that everyone can drink and enjoy carefree.


Everyone should Be Alive, Be Beautiful and Be Grateful

Be-Mocktails are available in 3 flavors:

Be Alive, Be Grateful en Be Beautiful

Be-Moctails are super healthy drinks. They give you an energy boost through the vitamins they contain. The 100% natural juices are specially selected and the recipe is developed so that Be is a drink that combines well with all kinds of food. A drink that does not look bad in terms of appearance between the alcoholic drinks. On the whole a drink with which you can be seen.

Be is:

  • 100% natural
  • full of antioxidants vitamins and minerals
  • without artificial colors and flavors
  • without added sugars
  • not from concentrate
  • halal
  • vegan


Champagne/Graviola smaak


Bosbes/Acai smaak


Gin/Granaatappel smaak

Send us an email for information, availability and prices.

We will answer within 48 hours. Send your email to: Be-Mocktails, Spuistraat 139C, 1012 SV Amsterdam | Kvk 66092914