Be-Mocktails gift box (set of 3)

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The Be-Mocktails gift box contains all our 3 delicious alcohol free cocktails to celebrate every occasion!

Be Beautiful, a spicier, more challenging drink that once you have tasted it, you cannot let go. It combines the unique flavors of fresh pomegranate, aronia and gooseberries. A one-of-a-kind combination that contributes to your inner and outer beauty.

Be Grateful, the perfect drink for balmy summer evenings on the terrace or cozy evenings in the club.The organic ginger juice leaves a slight tingling sensation on your tongue, while the hints of pineapple and soursop give a fresh, tropical finish.

Be Alive, a dose of antioxidants and vitamins to get through the rest of the evening.Feel your body and soul revive with this delicious fresh berry boost with a hint of lemon. And let’s not forget the unique addition of the acai!

All mocktails are 100% natural, vegan and halal.

0% alcohol, 100% enjoyment!



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