Be Grateful

24 CANS 66.00 incl btw

Be Grateful is a 100% natural alcohol free cocktail. The perfect drink for any occasion.

One package contains 24 cans

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Lean back, close your eyes, let the music that thunders around you penetrate into your soul, and take a sip of your luxurious Be Grateful. You will immediately understand what you can be grateful for! The organic ginger juice leaves a slight tingling sensation on your tongue, while the hints of pineapple and soursop give a fresh, tropical finish. With the addition of coconut water as base and a dash of lime, this holiday feeling is complete – while a subtle apple flavor ensures the perfect balance. The perfect drink for balmy summer evenings on the terrace or cozy evenings in the club.

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Weight 6.5 kg

100% natuurlijk, vol met antioxidanten, vitamines en mineralen, vegan, halal

geen allergenen, geen toegevoegde suikers, geen conserveringsmiddelen


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