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A glamorous, alcohol-free drink that is completely natural. Often it is quite a job to find something like that, while it would be a great addition to your life. A life in which you take good care of yourself: you can regularly find yourself in a wellness resort, spa or beauty salon. Occasionally you spoil yourself with beautiful or tasty stuff and you like to go to nice parties.

Whatever you do, you always pay attention to your health and your diet and share your insights about this with friends and acquaintances. Yet you still get a little too often the question why you don’t drink alcohol, when you are sipping water while the rest is going for luxury cocktails and mixed drinks.

Enter Be-Mocktails. A complete vegan and natural cocktail that lets you experience a feeling of luxury and glamor from the very first sip. And that while it contains 0% alcohol. Be-Mocktails are ready-made. You drink them like a fresh wine, with the chic feeling that cocktails or champagne entail. This hip new drink is perfect for a party, good for your health and very suitable for a vegan or halal diet.


Three delicious fruit cocktails

Be-Mocktails comes in 3 delicious, fresh flavors. The drinks are vegan and alcohol-free. Not only tasty, but also super healthy for you. They contain a lot of vitamins to give you a well-earned energy boost! At the same time it gives you that unique cocktail taste, to make your day or evening even more enjoyable.

The 100% natural fruit juices are made according to a strict recipe, making them a perfect match for various meals and snacks. They are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, without added sugars and not from concentrates. Furthermore, they do not contain artificial colors or flavors. So all-natural! In terms of appearance, they are certainly not out of place between luxury alcoholic drinks. Be-Mocktails are hip and a little cocky.

What are mocktails?

The name says it all. Mocktails are cocktails, but just a bit different. That being different is in the alcohol-free nature.
Mocktails contain 0% alcohol, but resemble regular cocktails in every other way. Its allure and glamor is matched in both presentation and taste. A goal that Be-Mocktails also strives for!

Whether you don’t drink alcohol because of health reasons, your religion, a pregnancy, or simply during an alcohol-free occasion. Mocktails give you everything that a refreshing cocktail gives, but without the adverse effects. What is stopping you?

Mocktail recipes

Be Alive Mocktail

Be Grateful Mocktail

Be Beautiful Mocktail

Benefits coconut water

The story behind Be-Mocktails

The story of Be-Mocktails starts with founder Conchita Daniël. One day she noticed that there was actually no good non-alcoholic alternative on the market for wine and cocktails. Something for those who place great value on their health, but at the same time want to enjoy a luxurious, glamorous lifestyle.

This group used to depend on sparkling waters or fruit juices. Yet this is not the same and often leads to unnecessary questions. Moreover, it is not very festive.

Frustrated with this situation, Conchita and her sister Norita decided to develop a drink themselves. A new, hip drink that everyone can enjoy in style. She saw this in the form of a so-called mocktail, a drink that drinks away like wine, has the appearance of champagne, and is also good for your body.

Through the many journeys Conchita made, she came in contact with a wide range of delicious, fresh flavors. She soon decided that the basis of her mocktails should be coconut water, the health benefits of which have now been amply demonstrated. To this she added 100% natural fruit juices. Not only tasty, but also an extra shot of vitamins. This way you can continue to work on your health and beauty while enjoying a luxurious lifestyle.

Charities and sustainability

We think it is important to be able to add value to your life. However, it does not stop there. All Be-Mocktails ingredients are sustainably produced in a completely natural, vegan way. Healthier for you and better for our planet.

We also want to contribute to a better world in other ways. Since our own roots are in Suriname, we do everything we can to give back to the local population. In this way we support various orphanages and we set up projects aimed at helping the less fortunate. A better world, just like a healthier life, starts with yourself. Be-Mocktails makes both possible.

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