Health benefits of coconut water


The choice for coconut water as the basis of all our mocktails is one that has been made consciously. Not only is the taste wonderfully fresh and you find yourself immediately in tropical (holiday) places, it is also completely healthy for you. It was all the more reason for us to incorporate it into all Be-Mocktails, making them a perfect match for your healthy lifestyle. Yet we still regularly get the question why coconut water is so much better. Fortunately, there has been a lot of research that has completely sorted this out. 

1. Coconut water hydrates better than water

Just to get straight to the point: coconut water is a better way to maintain your moisture balance than water! How does this come about? It contains many healthy electrolytes, such as potassium, magnesium and sodium. These minerals regulate the fluid balance in our body cells and ensure that they continue to function properly. Add to this the antioxidants that coconut water is rich in and you have a miracle drink!

2. Low in calories

Well, it doesn’t score as low in calories as a glass of water, but it comes very close to it! For every 100 ml of coconut water you drink, you only get 18 calories. A huge difference with other drinks, such as fruit juice or soft drinks. At the same time, it is full of substances that give you a feeling of satiety, making you less likely to grab other sweet drinks or snacks.

3. Good for your skin

It is no coincidence that many of your favorite creams and beauty products contain coconut. The fruit of the coconut seems to be very suitable for treating all kinds of skin problems, such as acne. By applying it directly on the skin or by taking it – for example in the form of coconut water! – tackle unevenness, improve your complexion, and bring extra moisture into your skin. If that doesn’t give you a radiant appearance!

4. Stronger muscles

Looking for a good drink after exercise? Even then it is advisable to choose coconut water. Because of the unique combination of minerals and vitamins that you find in it, your muscles are triggered to contract better and recover faster after exercise. It also helps in supplying energy to the muscles by producing proteins and glycogen. This way you will be faster as good as new!

5. Helps with health problems

Coconut water is also being promoted as a good remedy for a wide range of health problems. For example, it can help to prevent kidney stones by reducing the amount of crystals in urine. In addition, it is good for your heart, by lowering your cholesterol and blood pressure. It also improves blood sugar levels, which in turn is beneficial for diabetics. In the meantime, people are cautiously claiming that it is able to prevent thrombosis by preventing the formation of blood clots.

 ConclusionThe list of health benefits of coconut water is long and impressive. All the more reason to believe that it is not only tasty, but also very good for your body! This makes it the ideal basis for a delicious, luxury mocktail. Curious about what natural ingredients there are in our mocktails? Check it out. View all mocktails

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